The screenplay claims that this movie is the true story of the affair between famed McGuire Sisters singer, Phyllis McGuire and Mafia boss, Sam Giancana. I have no idea how accurate the movie is but one thing is certain, the acting by Mary Louise-Parker and John Turturro make this a very watchable film. And we at Movies to Watch Tonight like to watch watchable films. I think we’re like most people in that way.

As far as a gangster or mobster film goes there are lots of better ones, but the film is engrossing as you just have to wonder what these two real life people saw in each other. Honestly what was the attraction?

The acting and story line are superb. The affair when it hit the media caused a sensation and saw Phyllis McGuire called before the grand jury in Chicago. It hurt the MuGuire Sisters careers for a while, but their style of music was starting to fade at the time as well.

The acting carries this movie through to a successful conclusion. All the mafia bosses are well acted including Maury Chaykin who, as always, does a terrific job in his minor supporting role.

Movies to Watch Tonight: Sugartime

Movies to Watch Tonight thinks Mary Louise-Parker and John Turturro's acting helps to bring this movie together.

Movies To Watch Tonight Notable Moments (Spoiler Alert)

There are so many interesting scenes in this movie including a wonderful scene where Giancana meets McGuire’s mother and father at a concert. Another great scene is actually a sex scene where Giancana also gives McGuire an expensive present. Louise-Parker does an excellent job laughing while loving all the gifts. Another great scene is McGuire with the Grand Jury. Didn’t she think the FBI would be tailing Giancana?

Mary Louise-Parker is outstanding overall.

Movies To Watch Tonight Alert

Audience should be warned there are some brutally gory scenes as well as nude and sex scenes, so if you are particularly sensitive to these things, you may want to avoid this film.

We also use the Movies to Watch Tonight “Romance Movie” category very lightly here. It’s perhaps a weird romance movie, but definitely a crime drama movie first.

Sugartime Gets the Movies To Watch Tonight Approval Rating

Entertaining for both guys and girls but definitely a restricted rating movie. As long as you don’t mind some brutal scenes Louise-Parker and Turturro have done an excellent job of making this a watchable film. Are there better movies? Absolutely, but if you are in the mood for something you may have never seen or even heard about before, Sugartime could be your choice for movies to watch tonight.

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