Released in 1998, Run Lola Run is a German movie that received good reviews from Movies to Watch Tonight. Flashy, energetic, well acted and fast paced. One of our favorite movies here at Movies To Watch Tonight. Run Lola Run is worth watching so if you would rather not learn anything further, stop now and add Run Lola Run to your Movies To Watch Tonight list. Spoiler material below.

Movies To Watch Tonight Plot Summary of Run Lola Run

The movie is story of a young German woman, probably mid twenties, who’s boyfriend botches a drug deal. Lola is the name of the girl who has 20 minutes in order to try to raise 100,000 marks to replace the money her boyfriend lost.

Run Lola Run is directed by Tom Twyker and his girlfriend Franka Potente was cast as the main character. It was a great choice as Potente does a terrific job as she frantically tries to save her boyfriend. Select this Movies To Watch Tonight link to learn more about Franka Potente.

Fast paced and highly entertaining, Run Lola Run is shot from 3 different aspects of various scenes to show different outcomes depending on the choices made by the main characters.

Movies To Watch Tonight Review Of Run Lola Run

Movies To Watch Tonight Notable Moments

There are a number of notable Movies To Watch Tonight moments in Run Lola Run. One definitely is Lola in the casino. That is very well done. The bank scenes are also entertaining but the most outstanding are the method of adding different outcomes for the same event. This adds a unique aspect to Run Lola Run making the film highly entertaining.

Movies To Watch Tonight Not So Notable Moments

Definitely the music which is a constant techno style pounding in the background. While certainly suitable, it does get wearing at times.

Movies To Watch Tonight Franka Potente

Franka Potente is superb in Run Lola Run

Is Run Lola Run Worthy Of A Movies To Watch Tonight Approval Rating?

Absolutely. Twyker has pulled off an exceptionally engaging movie in Run Lola Run. Those viewers who do not like action or foreign films should perhaps miss this movie but for the rest of us Run Lola Run is a perfect choice for Movies To Watch Tonight. It gets 3.5 stars from Movies To Watch Tonight.

One suggestion, watch the German version with English subtitles before watching the English dub. The German version is of course better acted and the voices flow properly rather than the English dubbed version of Run Lola Run.

How much of your life will be wasted watching Run Lola Run? Just 81 minutes and the film flows smoothly throughout.

Movies To Watch Tonight review of Run Lola Run

Run Lola Run is captivating and engaging. Just 81 minutes long it received 3.5 stars from Movies To Watch Tonight.

Run Lola Run Statistics from Movies To Watch Tonight

Directed and Writ ten by Tim Tykwer

Foreign Film From Germany


Franka Potente as Lola

Moritz Bleibtreu as Manni (boyfriend)

Herbert Knaup as Lola’s Father

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