Here at Movies To Watch Tonight we sometimes find movies that don’t quite fit into a specific category. Real Steel is sort of a father-son bonding movie based around eight foot tall 2000 pound boxing robots that falls into the drama, action science fiction categories.

If you want to know what Real Steel is about in a nutshell, it is sort of a Rocky, Transformers, Playstation Video games all rolled into a loose father-son getting to know each other to the underdog typical movie that is not too bad but way too long at 127 minutes.

Our opinion here at Movies To Watch Tonight is that Real Steel could have been slashed by 20 minutes and it wouldn’t be any worse off.

Movies To Watch Tonight Plot Overview Of Real Steel

Hugh Jackman plays Charlie Kenton a washed up boxer who almost made it to being a champion boxer and now is a self-centered boxing robot owner/promoter who has rarely seen his young son Max played by upcoming star Dakota Goyo.

Throw in a love interest played by Evangeline Lilly and you have a movie. Remember when Rocky first came out? (Probably not) Anyway the feelings are pretty much the same including the ADRIENNE shouting scene at the end of the movie. All in all Jackman does a decent job and Goyo does a good job in his supporting role. Lilly’s role could have been played by any half-dozen actresses and really her role is more like that of Rocky’s Adrienne although much smaller.

Anyway the world has changed and 2000 pound monster robots box rather than humans. It seems incredibly far-fetched but the movie does its best to take itself seriously and we at Movies To Watch Tonight found much of Real Steel entertaining.

Movies To Watch Tonight Review of Real Steel

Here at Movies to Watch Tonight we are reviewing yet another father - son bonding story in the movie Real Steel

Movies To Watch Tonight Real Steel Notable Moments

Hugh Jackman does a good job as a Dad who becomes increasingly aware that he loves his son. Goyo does a good job as a son increasingly aware that he is probably as smart as his Dad. Lilly does a good job with her minor role and everyone else is inconsequential.

Some notable scenes in Real Steel include the early robot boxing match in a rodeo. That scene is well done. Most of the other boxing matches are also entertaining and by and large that’s it.

Movies To Watch Tonight Overview Of What’s Not To Like About Real Steel

We at Movies To Watch Tonight found a lot of the movie very predictable. Aside from the robots boxing this movie has been made many times before and we at Movies to Watch Tonight could mention a lot of similar theme films. At 127 minutes it is way too long. Too many typical father and son bonding scenes. A lot of the outcomes of the fights are predictable. The ending is too predictable. Overall the biggest complaint is Real Steel is too predictable.

What We At Movies To Watch Tonight Liked About Real Steel

Hugh Jackman is almost always good at his roles and this is no exception. He is a favorite actor here at Movies To Watch Tonight. Lots of action in Real Steel and great robot boxing scenes which are at times almost believable. While certainly predictable the movie does grow on you.

Movies To Watch Tonight review of Hugh Jackman in Real Steel

Hugh Jackman is certainly a favorite of Movies To Watch Tonight. In Real Steel Jackman does an okay job as a clueless father alias ex-boxer.

Movies to Watch Tonight Overall Rating of Real Steel

We at Movies To Watch Tonight felt that the movie lacked the emotional impact of Rocky and definitely the characters are not as strong in Real Steel.

You are going to waste 127 minutes of your life watching Real Steel. Here at Movies To Watch Tonight a lot of the women felt that 127 minutes of watching Hugh Jackman was not a waste of time.

For the men there is enough robot ass-kicking action to keep you awake through most of Real Steel. Overall Movies To Watch Tonight gave Real Steel a 3 out of 5 rating, but if you are into a boxing film, put on Rocky instead.

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