Jack The Giant Slayer – Movies To Watch Tonight Review

At Movies To Watch Tonight we come across a wide variety of mediocre big budget movies and Jack The Giant Slayer is one of them. The 200 million dollars adventure story is interesting enough but whether it is worth the 3D upcharge is definitely questionable and with only average acting one has to wonder why … Read more

Chronicle – Movies To Watch Tonight Review

Chronicle Review from Movies To Watch Tonight

Chronicle is another “Blair Witch” wannabe according to us here at Movies To Watch Tonight. Once these shaky films started to make money, anyone with even the remotest idea gets a chance and it’s really a shame. There are some great concepts out there but Chronicle like so many others, just never gets a chance. … Read more

Immortals Starring Mickey Rourke – Movies To Watch Tonight Review

Immortals is one of those excellent B movies that just has to be watched to be believed. Here at Movies To Watch Tonight we just love B movies that have big budgets, big names, and yet they still refuse to understand just how bad they truly are. And while we do like watching bad movies … Read more

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