Cold Comes The Night – Movies To Watch Tonight Review

Although it did not receive great reviews when released in January 2014, we here at Movies To Watch Tonight were surprised by the largely negative comments on Cold Comes The Night. The plot is riveting as is the acting of Alice Eve. A lot of reviewers complained about Bryan Cranston’s Russian accent and many felt … Read more

The Sweeney – Movies To Watch Tonight Review

The Sweeney is one of those rare movies that we here at Movies To Watch Tonight don’t see often enough. The acting is superb by all involved and the plot has enough twists and turns to keep an audience entertained and guessing. The movies moves along quickly right from the start. Critics called The Sweeney … Read more

Sugartime – Movies To Watch Tonight Review

Movies to Watch Tonight: Sugartime

The screenplay claims that this movie is the true story of the affair between famed McGuire Sisters singer, Phyllis McGuire and Mafia boss, Sam Giancana. I have no idea how accurate the movie is but one thing is certain, the acting by Mary Louise-Parker and John Turturro make this a very watchable film. And we … Read more

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