Beyond A Reasonable Doubt feels like a B minus movie from the get go and definitely is not among the movies to watch tonight. The acting other than Michael Douglas is subpar to say the least. I suppose the title Beyond A Reasonable Doubt means that we should give reasonable doubt that the actors knew how to act. Disappointing is a good word to describe the film. Predictable is another. You can stop reading right here if you are in a hurry to pick other movies to watch tonight.

Movies To Watch Tonight Remake Warning

Whenever you see the heading Movies To Watch Tonight Remake Warning, this is your sign that I found the remake definitely lacking.

The original Beyond A Reasonable Doubt was made in 1959 and it is quite good. If you need a movie to watch tonight and can rent it, or ahem, get it from somewhere, then go for it.

It starred Dana Andrews, Joan Fontaine and was written by Douglas Morrow and directed by the highly respected Fritz Lang. The 1959 version was excellent. The story line is a novelist with the assistance of his future father-in-law sets himself up to be suspected and charged for the murder of a stripper in an effort by both men to bring to life the injustic of capital punishment. They thought through their plan they could prove that an innocent person could be sentenced to death. This was powerful stuff for 1959.

The remake has a different premise which while good (and I am not going to give anything away here), is so badly acted and is almost entirely predictable that I would prefer to actually watch an old TV sitcom or a summer of re-runs rather than the 2009 version of Beyond A Reasonable Doubt. There is only one great line in the movie which is actually given by Joel David Moore and the best acting is probably by the detective played by Orlando Jones.

Movies To Watch Tonight gives Beyond A Reasonable Doubt a Bad Movie rating

Amber Tamblyn cannot save Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Michael Douglas has such a small role I guess they just wanted his name to promote the movie. The very last line of the movie is just bad and bad.


Beyond A Reasonable Doubt with Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas Cannot Save Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Because He Is Not In It Enough

This version of Beyond A Reasonable Doubt movie screenplay was by Peter Hyams and he also directed the movie.

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Cast (2009)

Jesse Metcalfe  / C.J. Nicholas
Amber Tamblyn  / Ella Crystal
Michael Douglas /Mark Hunter
Joel David Moore /Corey Finley
Orlando Jones / Ben Nickerson
Lawrence P. Beron / Lieutenant Merchant
Sewell Whitney /Martin Weldon
David Jensen /Gary Spota
Sharon K. London /Judge Sheppard

Honestly no one else in Beyond A Reasonable Doubt is worth mentioning.

Approximate US Box Office To Dec 2009 : $32 million

Estimated Cost  To Make: $25 million

How Much Of Your Life Is Gone Watching This Film 1 hour 45 minutes

(try knitting, reading, practicing violin or surf the internet while watching this movie so at least you don’t feel cheated out of your 106 minutes of your life)

Movies To Watch Tonight Approval Rating of Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

There isn’t a lot more to say about this disappointing film except it does not meet the movies to watch tonight seal of enjoyment. There is little to like about Beyond A Reasonable Doubt except that thankfully it is just 105 minutes in length.

Save the popcorn for another film and look for other movies to watch tonight. You’ll be thankful you watched something other than Beyond A Reasonable Doubt.

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