DRIVE With Ryan Gosling

DRIVE With Ryan Gosling Review From Movies To Watch Tonight Drive with Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Albert Brooks, Bryan Cranston and Ron Perlman feature strong performances by all actors. This Movies To Watch Tonight review may give away some of the plot so if you are in the mood for a unique crime, action movie … Read more

Sugartime – Movies To Watch Tonight Review

Movies to Watch Tonight: Sugartime

The screenplay claims that this movie is the true story of the affair between famed McGuire Sisters singer, Phyllis McGuire and Mafia boss, Sam Giancana. I have no idea how accurate the movie is but one thing is certain, the acting by Mary Louise-Parker and John Turturro make this a very watchable film. And we … Read more

Immortals Starring Mickey Rourke – Movies To Watch Tonight Review

Immortals is one of those excellent B movies that just has to be watched to be believed. Here at Movies To Watch Tonight we just love B movies that have big budgets, big names, and yet they still refuse to understand just how bad they truly are. And while we do like watching bad movies … Read more

The Tree Of Life – Movies To Watch Tonight Review

One thing is for certain, Terrence Malick loves visually stunning pictures. He has a number of movies (The Thin Red Line) that preceded The Tree Of Life, which followed his tradition of slow-moving movies and visually stunning¬†cinematography. In The Tree Of Life Malick goes overboard with semi-religious music and visual captivating imagery. Movies To Watch … Read more

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