DRIVE With Ryan Gosling
Movies To Watch Tonight gives this extraordinary film a rating of 91%. It is a great way to spend 100 minutes of your life.
Story Line (Plot)90%
Entertainment Value95%
91%Overall Score
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DRIVE With Ryan Gosling Review From Movies To Watch Tonight

Drive with Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Albert Brooks, Bryan Cranston and Ron Perlman feature strong performances by all actors. This Movies To Watch Tonight review may give away some of the plot so if you are in the mood for a unique crime, action movie you may want to skip the Movies To Watch Tonight review and watch the movie instead. Drive is not fast and furious or Casino but a complex, dark character study with an exceptional screenplay, directing and acting. Drive gets the Movies To Watch Tonight approval rating and 4 stars. Our Movies To Watch Tonight rating is adults only for Drive, as it contains scenes of nudity and graphic violence.

Movies To Watch Tonight Outline Of DRIVE

While we at Movies To Watch Tonight try not to give away too much of a movie’s plot, here is a short outline of the movie Drive. The movie is about a car driver played by Ryan Gosling who is a stunt driver by day and a driver for criminals at night. The sombre tone of the movie is set at the beginning and stays true to form throughout. We know nothing of the character’s past or his motivation. It reminds us here at Movies To Watch Tonight of the Clint Eastwood films, based on the Man With No Name. There are many similarities to this character and Eastwood’s, but overall Movies To Watch Tonight felt that Gosling developed the character far deeper than Eastwood’s.

The movie starts off slow, but don’t be fooled there is a lot of action as the film gets underway. The start is primarily to set the tone and mood of the film while developing the characters.

Nicolas Winding Refn gets 4 stars from Movies To Watch Tonight

Nicolas Winding Refn gets 4 stars from Movies To Watch Tonight for his incredible directing in the movie Drive

The movie feels like a 1940’s pulp fiction novel which isn’t surprising consider it is based on the novel of the same name from James Sallis. Drive is directed by one of our favorite directors here at Movies To Watch Tonight, Nicolas Winding Refn. Surprisingly Refn also directed Valhalla which is without a doubt a weird and almost pointless use of millions of dollars for a film.

Gosling once commented on how much he loved Valhalla and loved forward to being directed by Refn in the movie Drive.

Refn creates a film noir feel to the movie and does an excellent job capturing the complexity, murder, deceit and treachery from the novel. Movies To Watch Tonight gives 4 start to the skillfully crafted screenplay by Hossein Amini.

Gosling stands out and definitely wins a Movies To Watch Tonight 5 stars for his terrific performance as he brings the role of the driver, his conflict and the entire story to life.

Movies To Watch Tonight Review of Drive With Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan is rated a standout by Movies To Watch Tonight in Drive

Movies To Watch Tonight Notable Moments in Drive

Drive has numerous notable moments. The acting of Gosling is a stand out, playing the role of the driver to the point that you forget it is just a movie. There is lots of action in Drive. For guys who love car chases and cars in general there are lots of automobile scenes to keep you on the edge of your seat. For those who like the general mobster violence it too abounds in Drive but it is not overdone and it is in keeping with the movie’s overall sombre tone and dark mood.

Albert Brooks is one of our favorite actors here at Movies To Watch Tonight and in Drive he fills his role of a mobster to the letter and shows how versatile an actor he remains. Ron Perlman another Movies To Watch Tonight favorite, is in fine form as he creates a strong menacing character and while both are very good in Drive, Albert Brooks like Mulligan and Gosling is a standout in his role. Brooks remains one of Hollywood’s best actors and in Drive he continues that tradition.

Movies To Watch Tonight Loves Albert Brooks and Ron Perlman in Drive

Movies To Watch Tonight Applauds the performances of Albert Brooks and Ron Perlman in Drive

Bryan Cranston is excellent as Gosling’s hapless friend who has big dreams that he himself can never fulfill and so he looks to ride Gosling’s driving ability to fame and profit.

Christina Hendricks has a small but pivotal role in the film Drive. Movies To Watch Tonight rates her walk from the liquor store to the get away car as she lugs the stolen cash as unforgettable. Her final scenes in the motel as she tries to regain her composure are excellent.

Movies To Watch Tonight rates Christina Hendricks with 3 stars in Drive

Christina Hendricks has a small but pivotal role in Drive and her performance continues to prove her acting talent in varied roles.

Gosling though wins Movies To Watch Tonight 5 star rating for his portrayal of the very complex central character of Drive. Goslings scene at a strip club as he confronts a mobster who set him up is incredible as he struggles to maintain his composure while descending further into a world of increasing violence. The elevator scene with Gosling and Mulligan near the end of the film is haunting.

DRIVE Cast and Stats (2011)

Ryan Gosling / Driver
Carey Mulligan / Irene
Bryan Cranston / Shannon
Albert Brooks / Bernie Rose
Oscar Isaac / Standard
Christina Hendricks / Blanche
Ron Perlman / Nino

Original Novel by James Sallis
Screenplay by Hossein Amini
Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn

Approximate US Box Office To Feb 2012: $35 million

Estimated Cost To Make: $15 million

How Much Of Your Life Is Gone Watching This Film 100 minutes (Movies To Watch Tonight rates this not a waste of time)

Movies To Watch Tonight: Drive

Drive is gorgeous in both color and characters.

Movies To Watch Tonight Gives Drive 4 Stars For Entertaining Value

Drive is stunningly shot and gorgeous in both color and characters. If your idea of a crime action movie is a bunch of mobsters of the Casino genre, then this crime action movie will disappoint. The film is a character study of Gosling’s extremely complex and contradictory tough-guy.

The film captivates from the start and draws you deeper into the characters and their personal weaknesses as it draws to an end. The film left us at Movies To Watch Tonight haunted by both the loneliness of the characters and the tense violent undertone which runs deep throughout the movie.

Trailers of the movie Drive cannot do this movie justice so forget the trailers. Instead we at Movies To Watch Tonight say watch the movie instead.

Drive is not your typical crime action movie. Movies To Watch Tonight gives this extraordinary film 4.5 stars and is a great way to spend 100 minutes of your life.

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